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Solomon vision and robotics uses NVIDIA Isaac robotics platform

by Pieter Werner

Solomon Technology Corporation announced a collaboration with NVIDIA at COMPUTEX 2024 aimed at integrating Solomon’s advanced vision and robotics solutions with the NVIDIA Isaac robotics platform. This partnership is expected to enhance Solomon’s 3D robotics vision and augmented intelligence offerings.

At the event, Solomon’s VP of Research & Development, Xuan-Loc Nguyen, showcased the META-aivi AR + AI vision system for SOP validation to NVIDIA representatives Madison Huang and Lori Huang. Johnny Chen, CEO of Solomon, expressed enthusiasm about the integration, highlighting that NVIDIA’s AI and robotics tools would bolster Solomon’s capabilities in 3D machine vision, robotics control, and augmented intelligence, thereby fostering innovation in industrial automation.

A significant aspect of this collaboration is the enhancement of Solomon’s bin-picking system using NVIDIA Isaac Manipulator accelerated libraries, which are based on NVIDIA Isaac ROS. This enhancement reportedly results in an eightfold increase in path planning and execution speed and a 50% reduction in path singularity occurrences compared to conventional algorithms. These improvements, along with AccuPick’s advanced image recognition, enable the design of smaller robot cells without sacrificing cycle time, crucial for efficient bin picking in factories and order fulfillment in logistics centers.

The NVIDIA Isaac platform utilizes generative AI to provide robust foundational models for robotics. Solomon plans to incorporate various NVIDIA Isaac technologies to continue delivering innovative products and applications, aiming to introduce smarter automation across manufacturing, retail, logistics, and other sectors.

Deepu Talla, Vice President of Robotics and Edge Computing at NVIDIA, emphasized the arrival of the AI robotics era and highlighted NVIDIA’s commitment to building a comprehensive, accelerated robotics platform to support ecosystem leaders like Solomon in advancing the deployment of autonomous machines in major industries worldwide.

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