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Universal Robots reaches +500 products

by Marco van der Hoeven

Universal Robotshas announced that it has launched over 500 products within its UR+ ecosystem. This milestone reflects the significant expansion of the ecosystem since its inception in 2016. The UR+ platform was created to enable developers to innovate and produce various components, kits, applications, and solutions, both in hardware and software, to cater to diverse customer requirements.

Kim Povlsen, President of Universal Robots, highlighted the company’s collaborative approach and the extensive network of partner companies involved in the ecosystem, ranging from small startups to established brands. He emphasized the versatility and continuous growth of the UR+ ecosystem.

The range of products within the ecosystem spans from simple applications like grippers to comprehensive solutions for tasks such as palletizing and welding. There has been a notable trend towards developing turnkey solutions to address common automation needs. Additionally, there has been a surge in the number of applications and solutions incorporating AI technology. Universal Robots has also introduced new products compatible with its latest heavy payload cobots.

Povlsen noted the rapid growth of the ecosystem and the significant role of AI in driving innovation in robotics. He reiterated Universal Robots’ commitment to offering customers a variety of easy-to-use technological options and working with partners to push the boundaries of automation.

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