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ABB Robotics unveils ‘flexible automation’ at Automatica 2022

by Pieter Werner

At Automatica this week ABB launched two products under the new OmniVance brand: OmniVance FlexArc Compact Cell and the OmniVance Machining Cell and Software. OmniVance consists of standardized, ready-to-deploy application cells that deliver modular production, simple programming and set-up. OmniVance FlexArc Compact Cell is used for welding, while OmniVance Machining Cell increases productivity in up to eight different applications.

Built with robots, controllers, software and other peripheral components, OmniVance application cells are ready-to-deploy modular solutions that can be easily integrated into production lines. With the ability to support smaller batches, they meet the growing demand for low volume, high-mix production solutions while readily responding to changing manufacturing needs. Both products are part of ABB’s strategy to deliver flexible production cells and software that can rapidly switch between different product types and easily integrate with Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR).

“We’re facing an unprecedented shortage of skilled labor alongside global uncertainty and changing consumer demands,” says Marc Segura ABB Robotics Division President. “ABB’s robotics and software solutions are responding to those global trends as we deliver more intelligent, more adaptable, more mobile and more user-friendly technology to prepare customers for the future.”

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