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Accenture to acquire industrial robotics maker Pollux

by Marco van der Hoeven

Accenture has acquired Pollux, a provider of industrial robots, headquartered in Joinville, Brazil. The acquisition will expand Accenture’s capabilities for clients in consumer goods, pharmaceutical and automotive industries seeking to make their factories, plants and supply chains more productive, safe and sustainable.

Pollux provides solutions to optimize manufacturing and logistics processes. The company designs, engineers and deploys fully functional assembly lines that include robots and other hardware, plus the software that controls them. Pollux also offers visual analytics inspection solutions, autonomous mobile robots and robots as a service for shopfloors and warehouses.


Founded in 1996, Pollux has implemented more than 1,000 projects for manufacturing companies, primarily in Brazil. Many of the world’s largest pharmaceutical and food companies use technology solutions from Pollux in their Brazil operations, and a high number of vehicles made in the country involve Pollux’s manufacturing solutions.


This is Accenture’s first acquisition of an industrial robotics solutions provider and will encompass Pollux’s operations in Brazil, Ecuador, Mexico, Canada and the United States. Pollux’s more than 290 professionals will join Accenture’s Industry X group, which embeds intelligence in how clients run factories and plants, as well as design and engineer connected products and services.

Human and machine

Nigel Stacey, global lead for Accenture Industry X, said: “Automation, and human and machine collaboration, are digitally transforming manufacturing and supply chain operations to be more flexible, resilient, sustainable and safe, and to better meet ever-changing customer demands. Tangibly seeing these benefits in practice requires a true integration of information technology and operations technology, which is what Pollux will allow us to offer our manufacturing clients.”

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