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Adaptive pathing robot technology at Automate 2024

FANUC integrators partner to develop intelligent sanding process for aerospace industry

by Marco van der Hoeven

Aerobotix and Manufacturing Automation Systems (MAS), both FANUC robot integrators, are set to demonstrate their new intelligent adaptive sanding technology at the Automate 2024 event in Chicago, Illinois, from May 6-9. This technology aims to enhance part quality and streamline the programming of robotic paths.

Utilizing MAS’s QC Plus software, the system enables robots to autonomously scan components, devise custom sanding paths, and adjust operations without human intervention. This functionality is further supported by FerRobotics’ Active Compliant Technology (ACT), which permits robots to vary the sanding force to optimize output quality.

Josh Tuttle, business development manager at Aerobotix, highlighted the system’s ability to autonomously identify necessary sanding areas, moving away from traditional preset routines. The upcoming public demonstration at Automate 2024 is tailored primarily for the aerospace industry and addresses specific challenges such as precision in achieving net shapes, time constraints, and labor shortages.

Jacob Cipriano, engineering manager at MAS, commented on the potential impact of this technology on the robotics and aerospace manufacturing sectors, noting the timely nature of this collaborative effort. The demonstration is expected to showcase the advanced capabilities of their software in addressing prevalent manufacturing challenges.

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