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Agility Launches Cloud Automation Platform for Bipedal Robots

by Pieter Werner

Agility Robotics announced the launch of Agility Arc, a cloud automation platform designed for managing their robot fleets. This announcement was featured at MODEX. Agility Robotics is the creator of Digit, a bipedal Mobile Manipulation Robot (MMR).

The Chief Technology Officer of Agility Robotics, Melonee Wise, highlighted that the new platform, Agility Arc, aims to address a substantial labor gap through automation. Specifically, it will enable warehouse operators to efficiently and quickly integrate Digit into their critical workflows, with an initial focus on bulk material handling in warehouses, distribution centers, and manufacturing sites.

Agility Arc is designed to streamline the entire deployment lifecycle of Digit robots. This includes aspects like facility mapping, workflow definition, operational management, and troubleshooting. The platform is intended to make managing Digit fleets more straightforward and efficient. One of the key features of Agility Arc is its ability to provide operational visibility through key performance indicators (KPIs) such as uptime, throughput, Mean Time Between Incidents (MTBI), and robot status. This will allow users to gain insights into workcell activities and the performance of the Digit robots.

Integration with existing systems is a focus of Agility Arc, as it will offer industry-standard APIs to facilitate connection with Warehouse Management Systems (WMS), Warehouse Execution Systems (WES), and Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES), among others.

Agility Robotics emphasizes the continuous improvement aspect of Agility Arc, mentioning that it will regularly release software updates to enhance the user experience. The platform, leveraging a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model, aims to simplify infrastructure management and ensure high levels of security and scalability.

The development of Agility Arc has been influenced by feedback from early adopters in the Agility Engagement Program (AEP), focusing on understanding warehouse workflows and addressing specific challenges. Participants in the AEP have been instrumental in shaping the features and capabilities of both Agility Arc and Digit.

At MODEX, Agility Robotics is showcasing live demonstrations of Digit and the Agility Arc platform. This includes demonstrations of various customer use cases and real-time data and updates from the Agility Arc dashboard. A new use case will be revealed at MODEX, showcasing Digit’s capabilities with different types of end effector tooling for handling a variety of totes common in logistics, manufacturing, and warehouse operations.


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