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AI Fuels Highly Detailed Digital Version of the World

by Marco van der Hoeven

During FlightSim Expo 2024, Microsoft this weekend revealed several significant advancements and new features in Flight Simulator 2024. One of the standout aspects of this development is the integration and utilization of artificial intelligence (AI) in various facets of the simulator. This way the digital twin of the world becomes even more detailed, with aspects ranging from realistic biomes to real life shipping traffic.

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024 leverages AI to generate highly detailed 3D environments from photogrammetric data. This technology uses AI algorithms to process aerial photographs and create accurate, high-resolution 3D models of the terrain. The result is a virtual world that closely mirrors real-life locations, with enhanced ground textures, realistic vegetation, and detailed structures.

Natural Environments

Azure AI also plays a crucial role in the procedural generation of natural environments. In previous versions, many elements, such as grass, rocks, and trees, were rendered in 2D. Flight Simulator 2024 uses AI to render these elements in 3D, significantly enhancing the realism of the landscapes. This process involves AI analyzing real-world data to identify and classify different materials and then procedurally generating the corresponding 3D models in the simulator.

Dynamic Weather and Environmental Effects

The new simulator features advanced weather systems, including dynamic weather patterns and realistic cloud formations. AI is instrumental in simulating complex weather phenomena, such as thunderstorms and turbulent airflows. This includes the introduction of a new physics engine capable of simulating the physical interaction between aircraft and environmental elements, such as inflatable cones used in Red Bull air races, which react dynamically to aircraft movements.

Autonomous Traffic and Real-Time Data Integration

Flight Simulator 2024 incorporates real-time data for air and maritime traffic, enhancing the immersive experience. Using AI, the simulator processes data from providers like Spire to simulate the positions and movements of ships and planes in real time. This data integration allows for a more dynamic and realistic world, where players can encounter real-world traffic and events as they happen.

Enhanced AI for NPCs and Ground Services

AI also improves non-player characters (NPCs) and ground services within the simulator. Characters are more lifelike, with realistic movements and interactions. AI algorithms control various ground services, such as refueling trucks and baggage handlers, to create a bustling airport environment. The AI-driven character models are diverse, representing different regions and cultures, and are created using advanced scanning technology.

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