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AI-generated woman successfully sells nudes

by Pieter Werner

An AI-generated woman named Claudia has successfully sold lewd photographs to unsuspecting Reddit users. Claudia is a 100-percent AI creation who was posted on several subreddits. Claudia’s post prompted a firestorm of users reporting it, leading a moderator for the group to post a disclaimer clarifying that AI-generated photos are not against the subreddit’s rules. The creators behind Claudia say that the onus should be on the consumer to discern whether a model is real or synthetic.

Most discussions about the dangers posed by AI and adult content have focused on the prevalence of deepfakes, a term used to describe an image or video that uses a person’s face without their consent. According to Sensity, nearly 96 percent of all deepfakes are pornographic in nature and feature a woman’s face being used without their consent.

However, the potential threat posed by AI porn featuring fictional characters is different. Even though adult-content creations like Claudia are ostensibly fictional, the billions of images used to train AI models are of real people, most of whom have probably not consented to having their likenesses used in this way.

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