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‘AI is like raising a child’

by Maaike Verschuren

Respect and responsibility, that’s what developing AI is all about, says Kathy Baxter, Architect, Ethical AI Practice at Salesforce.  “In fact, developing AI is like raising a child. As a developer of AI, you are actually a parent.” According to Baxter, we must therefore always show sufficient respect and responsibility.

We should also start early to ’train’ our AI child. “In this way we ensure that our AI creation will fit the values ​​that are important in our society.”


Baxter: “We also need to be aware that our AI developments reflect the prejudices in our business processes. You see them in the training data.”

She argues that we should learn to recognize these prejudices and get them not only from the training data, but also from our business processes themselves. “When we treat AI with respect, we ensure that AI becomes a creation that gives back to society.”

To assist customers in the ethical and responsible use of AI, SalesForce has several apps and educational tools for customers. “In this way, customers can learn to use our tools better and they gain more insight into exactly what they are doing.”

“We also communicate with customers about the factors used in the models. If they use sensitive personal data such as gender, age, origin, we will put a flag next to that. We think it is very important to contribute to awareness among customers. . “

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