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AI provides speaker tracking functionality for camera

by Pieter Werner

With a new software update in Huddly’s intelligent L1 camera for large rooms, users can take advantage of an AI-powered Speaker Framing feature that enables natural communication and makes for more dynamic meeting experiences.

When we meet in person, we naturally glance around the table to make sure that we take in all reactions and responses, both verbal and non-verbal. In video meetings, however, traditional speaker tracking technology focuses only on the person who is talking, causing remote participants to lose out on visual communication cues and making collaboration more difficult than it has to be.

That is why Huddly’s Speaker Framing does not only capture the speaker but also includes listening shots to capture non-verbal reactions and responses, ensuring that everyone in the room is visually represented. By offering this next-generation functionality in a high-quality 6K camera, Huddly seeks to remove the drawbacks of video meetings and leverage their strengths compared to meeting in person.

“We believe hybrid collaboration can be enjoyable and just as productive as physical meetings. This upgrade continues our quest to maximize meeting value for all participants, whether they are in the office or checking in from remote locations. In addition to improving the workday for countless people across the globe, this helps solidify the digital domain as the preferred everyday meeting place, leading to reductions in travel time, costs, and emissions”, said Alexander Woxen, CEO at Huddly.

Speaker Framing is powered by Huddly L1’s built-in AI director. It edits meetings in real time, switching between different types of shots. Inspired by techniques from TV and movie production, the feature is designed to create a dynamic experience. The AI can see, understand, and respond to what is happening in the space, enabling it to cut back and forth between shots of the speaker, audience reactions, and a room overview. Speaker Framing supports how communication naturally occurs, making collaboration richer and more productive.

“Looking ahead, our users are able to benefit from the latest intelligent collaboration technology without having to purchase new hardware and creating unnecessary waste in the process. That is why our cameras are software-upgradeable. We want to not only provide the best technology but ensure sustainable business practices as well,” said Woxen.

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