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Autonomous Robot Restaurant Opens in Southern California

by Pieter Werner

Cali Group, Miso Robotics, and PopID have announced the opening of CaliExpress by Flippy, a fully autonomous restaurant, in Pasadena, California. The establishment, located at 561 E. Green St., utilizes advanced artificial intelligence and robotics for its grill and fry stations.

CaliExpress by Flippy allows customers to place orders through self-service kiosks using their PopID accounts. The technology offers personalized recommendations and streamlines payment processes. The restaurant’s automated systems are designed to prepare freshly made burgers, including options made from a wagyu blend, and fries cooked in Flippy, the AI-powered robotic fry station.

The introduction of these technologies aims to enhance safety and efficiency in the kitchen. Flippy’s fry station, for instance, is expected to reduce risks such as slippage and burns and minimize waste in food and oil. The restaurant is designed to operate with a smaller workforce than traditional restaurants while offering competitive wages.

John Miller, CEO of PopID and a board member of Miso Robotics, stated, “This is the world’s first operating restaurant where both ordering and every single cooking process are fully automated.”

Additionally, CaliExpress by Flippy will feature a section presented by Miso Robotics, showcasing retired Flippy robot arms, 3D-printed artifacts from past developments, and photographic displays. This area is intended to inspire future developments in kitchen AI and automation. The restaurant encourages local schools and educational groups to visit for tours.

Rich Hull, CEO of Miso Robotics, commented on the partnership with Cali Group and PopID, highlighting the potential improvements in quality, consistency, and speed that AI-powered, robotic cooking can bring to the restaurant industry. Hull invites everyone in Southern California to experience the new restaurant.

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