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Autonomous Window Cleaning Robot comes to London

by Pieter Werner

Skyline Robotics introduced its autonomous window cleaning robot, Ozmo, to London.  The robot employs a combination of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and computer vision, integrated with advanced robotics and sensors, to perform its tasks. The robot is capable of cleaning windows up to three times faster than human workers, aiming to improve productivity while minimizing risks associated with manual labor.

In addition to its cleaning capabilities, Ozmo is also equipped to contribute to the monitoring of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) factors related to building facades. The robot can collect data and provide insights and analytics on the health of a building’s exterior.

Despite its autonomous operations, Ozmo is not intended to replace human window cleaners. Instead, it is designed to work in collaboration with human operators, offering a more efficient and safer alternative to traditional window cleaning methods.

Ozmo has previously demonstrated its capabilities in New York City, and its introduction to London is seen as a significant step in expanding its reach. London, with its high concentration of Building Maintenance Units (BMUs), provides a substantial platform for the deployment of such automation technologies.

Skyline Robotics has been acknowledged for its work on Ozmo, receiving awards such as the 2023 RBR50 Robotics Innovation Award and the 2023 PropTech Breakthrough Award for “Construction Robotics Solution of the Year.”

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