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BMW to employ humanoid robots

by Marco van der Hoeven

Figure AI will deliver their autonomous humanoid robots to BMW Manufacturing. These humanoid robots are designed to automate tasks that are either challenging, hazardous, or monotonous within the manufacturing process. This deal is expected to free up human employees to concentrate on tasks that require human skills and judgment, thereby enhancing production efficiency and workplace safety.

The agreement is based on a milestone-based strategy, starting with identifying initial applications for the Figure robots in BMW’s production processes. Following the initial phase, these robots will begin a phased introduction at BMW’s manufacturing facility in Spartanburg, South Carolina. This collaboration also includes exploring further advancements in technology areas like artificial intelligence, robot control, manufacturing virtualization, and robot integration.

Brett Adcock, Founder and CEO of Figure, highlighted the untapped potential of general purpose robotics in commercial settings. He emphasized that Figure’s robots could increase productivity, reduce operational costs, and ensure a safer and more consistent working environment. Adcock expressed enthusiasm about collaborating with BMW Manufacturing to incorporate AI and robotics into automotive production.

Dr. Robert Engelhorn, President and CEO of BMW Manufacturing, commented on the rapid evolution of the automotive industry and vehicle production. He emphasized BMW Manufacturing’s commitment to integrating innovative technologies into their production systems. Dr. Engelhorn noted that the adoption of general purpose robot solutions is anticipated to enhance productivity efficiency, meet increasing consumer demands, and support the workforce in adapting to future transformations in the industry.

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