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Boston Dynamics presents new version of humanoid robot Atlas

by Marco van der Hoeven

Boston Dynamics has introduced a new chapter in its robotic development with the launch of a fully electric version of its Atlas robot. This advancement marks a shift from the previously hydraulic models towards a more versatile and commercially viable platform. The new electric Atlas is designed to perform a variety of tasks in real-world applications, enhancing the company’s robotic offerings alongside other models like Spot and Stretch.

The unveiling of the electric Atlas comes as part of a broader strategy by Boston Dynamics to integrate robotics more deeply into industrial operations. The company, known for its pioneering work in humanoid robotics, has evolved from focusing primarily on research and development to emphasizing practical, real-world solutions. According to Boston Dynamics, the electric Atlas represents a culmination of over a decade of research and practical experience, signaling their readiness to tackle industrial challenges with advanced robotics.

In partnership with Hyundai, Boston Dynamics plans to deploy the new Atlas in automotive manufacturing, among other sectors. This collaboration is part of a strategy to test and refine the robot in rigorous environments, ensuring it meets the dynamic needs of modern industries. Hyundai’s investment in Boston Dynamics is also seen as a strategic move to enhance its own manufacturing capabilities through cutting-edge robotics.

The electric Atlas is touted to have enhanced strength and a broader range of motion compared to its predecessors. It is equipped with new gripper variations to handle a diverse array of tasks and objects, addressing specific manipulation needs across various customer environments. Furthermore, the company emphasizes the importance of a robust digital infrastructure to support the integration of autonomous mobile robots into the workforce, including IT connectivity, safety standards, and operational processes.

Boston Dynamics has also highlighted significant advancements in their robotics software, particularly with the introduction of the Orbit™ software platform. This platform is designed to manage robot fleets and integrate data across digital transformations, enhancing the operational efficiency of robots like Spot, Stretch, and now Atlas.

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