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Capra Robotics and Spin Robotics win industry awards at Odense

by Marco van der Hoeven

At the Odense Robotics’ Annual Conference, which took place yesterday evening, the title Robotics Company of the Year has been awarded to Capra Robotics. Startup Spin Robotics won the Robotics Startup of the Year award.

The nominees were Blue Ocean Robotics, Capra Robotics and Universal Robots as finalists for the Robotics Company of the Year award. The startups Aim Robotics, ARIS Robotics, Spin Robotics, Uniwelco, and Weldingdroid were finalists for the Robotics Startup of the Year award.

Mobile robots

Capra Robotics, which beat well known brands Universal Robots and blue Ocean Robotics, creates mobile robots. The robots enable manual workers to become foremen of robotics, and relieve them of unhealthy tasks. Robot platform Capra Hircus is designed to easily integrate with additional hard- or software, making it customizable for specific applications. It accommodates a need for automated solutions for various purposes including  cutting cost, saving time, mitigating carbon footprint, and alleviating strain on personnel due to repetitive work.

Collaborative robots

Spin Robotics produces plug-n-produce screwdriving tools for easy assembly with collaborative robots. Their end-of-arm-tools aim to be safe alongside workers, affordable, and easy to use. The cobot screwdrivers will remove manual and repetitive tasks, which helps to reduce the risk of injuries, all while cutting down assembly time up to 60%. With a more flexible production, the end-of-arm tool shorten ROI, give data insights into the company’s assembly line, and increase productivity. Spin Robotics is a part of the Odense Robotics cluster.


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