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CES 2024: Kepler presents humanoid robot

by Marco van der Hoeven

Kepler Exploration Robot Co will present its latest model, the Kepler Forerunner series humanoid robot, at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas.  This robot will, according to the maker, focus on embodied intelligence, a concept aiming to create systems that can interact with the physical world in a human-like manner.

The Kepler Forerunner humanoid robot stands 178cm tall and weighs 85kg. It features 12 degrees of freedom in its hands and a total of 40 degrees of freedom throughout its body. This design enables it to perform complex tasks such as navigating difficult terrains, avoiding obstacles, and lifting heavy loads. It’s powered by technology similar to Tesla’s Optimus, utilizing planetary roller screw actuator and rotary actuator technology for sophisticated movements and control.

The robot is intended for industries such as manufacturing, logistics, education, and more. Its capabilities were demonstrated in a global debut video, which sparked discussions in the robotics community.

Kepler’s co-founder, Debo Hu, expressed the company’s vision of the robot leading to a reduced workweek and aiding in human space exploration. After three years of research and development, the Kepler humanoid robots are expected to enter mass production and begin shipping in the third quarter of 2024. Priced at around US$30,000 for international customers, it aims to be an accessible option in the humanoid robot market.

Key innovations in the Kepler Humanoid Robot include proprietary planetary roller screw actuators and rotary actuators, essential for the dynamic movement of the robot’s limbs. The robot’s intelligent hand, with 12 degrees of freedom, can grasp objects gently, mimicking the human hand. The proprietary NEBULA system enhances its cognitive abilities, allowing for precise environmental awareness and adaptability.

As Kepler prepares for mass production, the company emphasizes its in-house R&D capabilities and cost control measures. In addition to the robot’s release, Kepler is launching a developer platform with comprehensive interfaces, projects, documentation, and tools to foster industry collaboration and promote the practical application of robotics.

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