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CES 2024: Pool Cleaning Robot with Underwater Vision Recognition

by Pieter Werner

At the 2024 Consumer Electronics Show, WYBOTICS introduced the WYBOT M2, with new features including an underwater vision recognition system and a self-charging station. The robot incorporates a high-resolution camera in its “Dirt Hunting Mode” to navigate underwater and efficiently remove debris.

According to the maker, this system is a departure from the traditional fixed-path cleaning methods and underwater sonar systems used by other robots. It utilizes an algorithm to process images and debris locations, enabling the robot to plan an optimal cleaning route. This approach has reportedly resulted in a 10-20 times improvement in cleaning efficiency compared to traditional models.

The WYBOT M2 also introduces an underwater self-docking and inductive charging technology. This feature includes a 120-watt wireless charging base, designed to extend the robot’s operational periods and add convenience for users.

In addition to the WYBOT M2, WYBOTICS showcased the WYBOT-X, a conceptual product that combines 3D cleaning with intelligent pool water quality monitoring. This concept aims to offer a comprehensive pool maintenance solution, integrating cleaning, water quality testing, and automatic robot recharging.


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