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Channel: Who are the 2020 Automation Champions?

by Pieter Werner

UiPath today announced automation champions from organizations within the channel partner ecosystem across the EMEA region who stood out through their outstanding achievements in the past year. These automation ambassadors have shown leadership, limitless appetite for driving innovation and breaking new ground and a strong commitment to enabling joint customers to make the best of the opportunities offered by the latest functions of the UiPath Automation Platform.

UiPath has recently launched the latest version of its end-to-end automation platform featuring new low-code capabilities that enable users to leverage RPA to go beyond automating existing tasks and easily create business applications that solve real-life business problems. These features, made available through expanded cloud robot deployment capabilities, enable customers to deploy enterprise automation solutions on premises and across multiple public clouds with the same ease. By being fast adopters and championing the new capabilities through training and enablement, partners are supporting customers along their digital transformation journeys and fostering collaborations between people and software robots.

“The strength of the UiPath partner ecosystem and its ability to react fast to changing customer needs have been crucial in our response strategy designed to support organizations everywhere maintain business continuity throughout a challenging year,” said Renzo Taal, Senior Vice President and Managing Director EMEA. “We welcome the contribution of automation champions within partner organizations throughout the EMEA who have passionately supported the adoption by customers of the latest capabilities of the UiPath Automation Platform, such as process mining, test suite and document understanding, paving the way for their becoming a fully automated enterprise™.”

2020 EMEA Automation Champions

  • Eric Pourrat, RPA Practice Leader – Inetum (France). Inetum implemented an ambitious migration program at a large French insurance company amid very tight regulatory deadlines and successfully achieved the migration of 265,000 contracts using 165 UiPath robots.
  • Florence Bollaert, Manager IT Consultant – CGI (France). CGI has trained several of people on the UiPath Automation Platform in France and has used the resulting technical and organizational know-how to deliver high quality service to customers across industries throughout their automation journeys.
  • Marc Ennemann, Partner – Head of Alliances KPMG Germany. KPMG Germany has enhanced awareness of the advantages of using the UiPath Automation Platform, strengthening its status as the automation platform of choice both internally and for joint customers.
  • Desmin Dekker, Head of RPA and AI Department – You-Get (Netherlands). You-Get is committed to educating and expanding the local market by implementing a strategic high-growth strategy that has as its center the UiPath Automation Platform and its capabilities.
  • Ralph Landot, Managing Partner – Boydak (Switzerland). Boydak supported one of the largest groups of private clinics in Switzerland to reap the benefits of using the UiPath Test Suite and automate crucial busines processes.
  • Malkoc Sualp, Chief Strategy Officer – Unite BT (Turkey). Unite BT has integrated their platform Aletheia with the UiPath Automation Platform, to provide IT helpdesk high quality services using conversational AI.
  • Mike Swetman and Gavin Honour, Co-Founders – Morpheus (United Kingdom). Morpheus are a top reseller in the UK and Ireland and the first partner in the region to gain UiPath Service Network (USN) certification. The team has run one of the first OTP training courses across multiple disciplines for GSIs during lockdown and has recently expanded its training capabilities into the United States and Canada.
  • Jorge Soares, Founder and Chief Executive Officer – ABP Consultancy (United Kingdom). USN certified, ABP Consultancy are the fastest-growing UiPath partner in the region and have expanded their capabilities by opening offices in Spain, Portugal, Ireland, and, most recently, in Israel and Denmark.
  • Sonia Vieira, Head of Partnerships, EMEA – IBM GBG. IBM GBS are spearheading UiPath adoption inside IBM, fostering a regional engagement model to ensure a valuable partnership for joint customers.
  • Rajesh Janakaraj, Intelligent Process Automation, Benelux and DACH – Cognizant Netherlands and Gopal Ramasubrananian, Intelligent Process Automation Leader – Cognizant UK. Cognizant EMEA are committed to helping joint customers achieve the highest potential of their automation projects by training a significant number of their staff to enable the adoption of the latest capabilities of the UiPath Automation Platform.
  • Debraj Dutta, Partner FSO, Simon Constance, Partner – Alliances and Emerging Technology and Thierry van Herwijnen, Head of Sales EMEIA – Intelligent Automation -EY. EY has accelerated its growth with UiPath by investing in educating their partner employees and by obtaining its USN certification. In addition, they have built joint solutions like Alladin and Helix and services to help customers quickly benefit from the results in their own automation journeys.
  • Deloitte EMEA. A certified USN partner across the EMEA, Deloitte has advanced RPA adoption across multiple regions with notable results; Germany – expanded internal usage programs and deployments across strategic clients; Ireland – awarded Single Supplier Framework Contract for RPA Software across all government agencies; Spain – their Robot as a Service platform solution has been rolled out across multiple accounts; Netherlands – extended internal usage throughout Audit, Financial Advisory, Risk, Tax and Legal departments; UK – supported COVID-19 testing for government workers.

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