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China Increases Investment in Humanoid Robots

by Marco van der Hoeven

China is significantly increasing its investment in humanoid robot technology, with recent developments highlighting the country’s ambition to integrate these robots into various sectors, including healthcare, education, and public administration.

In Dalian, a northeastern coastal city, a factory is making strides in developing humanoid robots designed for home and office environments. These robots, which are being created with advanced AI to enhance facial expressions and emotional responses, aim to fill roles that require interaction with people.

Li Boyang, CEO of Ex-Robot, stated, “The front desk of the hotel, the receptionist of the public administration service center. There are a lot of jobs that humanoid robots can actually be competent at.” Li envisions a future where households may have one or more robots to assist with daily tasks. This push towards domestic and administrative use underscores the potential for humanoid robots to play a significant role in everyday life.


Meanwhile, the “Qinglong” robot, developed by Humanoid Robots (Shanghai) Co Ltd, has garnered attention at the WAIC 2024 for its capabilities. Qinglong, standing 1.82 meters tall and weighing 80 kilograms, can run, jump, and withstand impact interference. It features a highly bionic torso and dexterous hands controlled by AI, making it both smart and human-like. The robot’s development is part of a larger initiative that includes the establishment of the first National and Local Joint Innovation Center for Humanoid Robots in Zhangjiang, Shanghai. This center aims to train 1,000 humanoid robots by 2027 for various real-world applications.

Several companies in Shanghai, including Fourier, Zhiyuan Xinchang, CETC 21, and Kepler, are also developing general-purpose humanoid robots capable of bipedal walking. These companies are exploring the potential of these robots in the logistics sector, indicating a broader scope for their deployment beyond just personal and administrative roles.

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