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Cognitive robots presented for both industry and private use

by Pieter Werner

NEURA Robotics has presented a range commercial cognitive robots family that can be used both in industry and as an intelligent Personal Assistant. Unlike conventional cobots, cognitive robots are meant to perceive their environment with all their senses, act autonomously based on AI, learn from experience, and can safely distinguish humans from other objects.

MAiRA is a mass-produced cognitive robot for the industry.With novel sensors and fully integrated artificial intelligence in control systems and applications, MAiRA enables intelligent collaboration between humans and machines. MAiRA’s cognitive capabilities enable a wide range of applications.

Thanks to its IP65 protection class, MAiRA can also be used in demanding, critical environments such as medical technology or agriculture, in contact with water or chemicals, and at very extreme temperatures. However, MAiRA’s field of application is by no means limited to traditional manufacturing. The cognitive robot is suitable for all work environments in which humans work. MAiRA can perform all tasks that require very high accuracy and repeatability.


In addition to MAiRA, NEURA Robotics has further developed the MAV and LARA robotics solutions. With the Multi-Sensing Autonomous Vehicle (MAV), NEURA Robotics revolutionizes intralogistics. The driverless transport system is capable of autonomously loading and transporting any type of goods. Thanks to integrated sensor technology, MAV can navigate autonomously without the need for additional peripheral devices.

MAV can transport a load of up to 1.5 tons and can therefore be used in areas such as the automotive industry or other heavy industries. With a payload of 500 kg, MAV Junior is a compact and agile version of MAV, making it suitable for a wide range of applications within confined environments, such as within laboratories.


The Lightweight Agile Robotic Assistant, LARA, has also been developed further. The collaborative robot has six degrees of freedom and combines industrial performance with an intuitive user interface. With high speed and precision, LARA bridges the gap between collaborative robots and industrial robots.

The system is ideal for automating simple and repetitive tasks – even in areas where robots haven’t been used before. By transferring such tasks to LARA, valuable human working time is freed up for other activities. Thanks to special control systems, LARA can be seamlessly integrated into any production line.


MiPA is the prototype of a robot assistant. With the Touchless Safe Human Detection System robots and humans should be able to work side by side. Touchless Safe Human Detection enables the robot to safely detect people in its environment and avoid any kind of collision.

MiPA is a multifunctional platform that’s being made fit for tasks in hospitals, care facilities, laboratories or retail with renowned partners. Even unpleasant tasks in private households will soon be taken over by cognitive robots – without grumbling.

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