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Comau introduces MI.RA/OnePicker

by Pieter Werner

Comau has introduced MI.RA/OnePicker, a fully automated intelligent piece-picking solution. The AI-enhanced system aims to streamline sorting processes in warehouses, e-commerce, and various other applications, enhancing productivity and cost-efficiency. MI.RA/OnePicker utilizes advanced vision technology and sensors to autonomously grasp randomly placed, heterogeneous objects, calculating the optimal picking pose in seconds.

The solution, which debuted at Automate 2024 in Chicago, is designed to be hardware-agnostic and can be installed on small collaborative robots without affecting their reachability inside bins. It operates without needing CAD-based assistance or prior information about the objects’ characteristics, making it suitable for diverse pick-and-place, kitting, sorting, warehouse, and e-commerce applications.

Comau’s new system employs virtual simulation tools and predictive algorithms to manage paths and ensure collision-free trajectories, thereby reducing the need for manual and repetitive operations. This contributes to increased worker well-being and operational efficiency.

Nicole Clement, Comau’s Chief Business Unit Leader for Advanced Automation Solutions, emphasized the company’s commitment to making advanced technology accessible and effective across various industries. She noted the significant market potential for such automation solutions, which are expected to grow substantially.

MI.RA/OnePicker features an intuitive configuration interface that allows customers to easily set up their bin environments and parameters. Integrated algorithms balance computational speed and accuracy, and the neural network autonomously identifies suitable grasping points using a suction cup, ensuring efficient and safe path planning.

The system includes Comau’s Racer-5 COBOT, a 6-axis articulated robot known for its speed, accuracy, and safety. The COBOT can operate at full industrial speeds when no human operators are nearby and switch to collaborative speeds when they are, maintaining high productivity and reducing cycle times.

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