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Dreame Technology Introduces New Robot Range

by Marco van der Hoeven

The 2023 World Robot Conference (WRC), themed “Spurring Innovation for the Future”, concluded successfully in Beijing. Running concurrently with the event were the 2023 World Robotics Expo and the 2023 World Robot Contest, which saw participation from about 160 robotics companies and research institutions globally, showcasing close to 600 advanced technologies and products.

Dreame Technology, a robotics firm, marked its debut at the WRC, introducing a diverse range of robots. Their lineup includes humanoid robots, consumer and industrial-grade quadruped robots, wireless robotic pool cleaners, commercial food delivery robots, and floor-cleaning robots. The company’s offerings emphasized its extensive capability in various facets of robotics, from research and development to commercialization.

One notable highlight from Dreame Technology’s presentation was their Universal Humanoid Robot. The robot captured the attendees’ attention by creating latte art, marking it as the first humanoid robot globally to achieve this task. Chao YU, Director of humanoid robotics at Dreame Technology, stated that the robot utilizes deep machine learning to recognize various cups and tools, enabling it to craft accurate latte art.

Furthermore, the Dreame Dog, a consumer-grade four-legged bionic robot, was showcased at the event. This robot is the first in its category to feature head-body coordination. It possesses 15 degrees of freedom, with the ability to convey emotions through head movements. This design feature provides users with emotional feedback.

In the commercial sector, Dreame introduced the D1 food delivery robot, capable of seating guests, delivering food, returning dishes, and patrolling restaurants. Using Dreame’s Dual-SLAM navigation technology, D1 can efficiently create maps and plan paths for restaurants. Additionally, an industrial-grade quadruped patrol robot was displayed, showcasing its ability to carry loads, navigate obstacles, and be utilized in various sectors like fire-fighting and mining.

Dreame Technology’s founder, Hao YU, commented on the future of robotics, stating that the next decade will witness significant advancements in the field. He emphasized Dreame’s commitment to expand robotic applications across industries, aiming to integrate robots into daily life and societal functions.

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