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Elite Robots Secures a Order of 3,000 Cobots

by Pieter Werner

Elite Robots, supplier of collaborative robots, recently signed a major order with a prominent Chinese company for a total of 3,000 units. For confidentiality reasons, the client’s name, whose main businesses include new energy vehicles, components and assembly of cell phones, rechargeable batteries, and photovoltaic cells, cannot be disclosed.

From a broader perspective, this deal underscores a significant trend whereby cobots are becoming more viable for large-scale production by large companies and the go-to alternative to industrial robots.

It is a fact that the relationship between collaborative robots and industrial robots is set to change. Collaborative robots are expected to account for about 10% of total industrial robot sales by 2025 (up from the current 5%), with a CAGR of 40% per year and a market expected to cross the $5 billion threshold by 2032.

This large order from the new energy sector is great news for the entire cobotic industry, indicating that the collaborative robots’ market is expanding,” Dr. Yunan Cao, CEO of Elite Robots, commented. “I believe that the entire ecosystem will gain more confidence in collaborative robots.

Elite Robots in the past two years has made significant progress overseas, establishing local branches in Europe, Japan, and America and considerably expanding its customer and partner base. Elite Robots currently offers a portfolio of 37 cobots, with payloads of up to 25 kg, a reach of up to 2,000 mm, and IP68-level protection. The range also includes models tailored to specific needs, such as the EC68-08 (8kg payload) for screwing operations, the EC64-19 (1900mm reach) for inspecting large objects, and the explosion-proof CS Series, with new series ready to hit the market soon.

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