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Elon Musk presents Tesla Bot

by Marco van der Hoeven

During the Tesla AI Day, Elon Musk presented a humanoid robot that uses Tesla’s neural network. The robot, about five feet high with a weight of sixty kilograms, must, among other things, take over repetitive work from people.

“We already are the biggest robotics company” said Elon Musk during the presentation, “because cars are robots on wheels, with neural networks, recognizing the world, understanding how to navigate to the world. It makes sense to put that into a humanoid form. We are also good at sensors and batteries, so we think we’ll probably have a prototype sometime next year that looks like this. And it’s intended to be friendly, of course and eliminate dangerous, repetitive and boring tasks.”

And on the similarities between cars and robots he added: “We are effectively building a synthetic animal from the ground up. So the car can be thought of as an animal, it moves around, it senses the environment and, acts autonomously and intelligently.”

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