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emma launches Wizard for Virtual Machines

by Pieter Werner

Multi cloud management platform emma has launched a new feature to simplify the creation of virtual environments. Virtualization helps businesses use resources efficiently, improve agility, and streamline operations. With an embedded wizard in the emma – enterprise multi-cloud management application – platform one, users can now create virtual instances themselves.

This makes setting up virtual machines less time consuming and less complex. The embedded wizard allows users to create instances for different purposes. They can use a range of options to configure virtual instances to meet specific requirements by selecting operating systems, allocating resources, and defining network parameters.

In addition, the embedded wizard harnesses the power of automation, enabling rapid deployments across cloud environments. It eliminates the need for manual configurations, reduces human error and improves overall efficiency.

“With the new embedded wizard, the emma multi-cloud management platform has positioned itself as a frontrunner in the virtualization space. By making virtual instance creation as easy as ABC, the platform empowers organizations to harness the full potential of virtualization technology, enabling them to scale operations, optimize resource utilization, and achieve greater agility in today’s dynamic business landscape”, says Dmitry Panenkov founder and CEO of emma.

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