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FANUC Presents New CNC System, Machine Tools, and Robots at EMO Hannover

by Marco van der Hoeven

At EMO Hannover 2023, FANUC has set up a comprehensive exhibit spanning 1,444m2 at stand C54 in Hall 9. The display encompasses a diverse range of their latest products and developments. Attendees can expect to see a spectrum of CNC systems, robots, and machine tools, reflecting FANUC’s ongoing work in the realm of manufacturing and automation technologies.

FANUC offers attendees an insight into the FS500i-A series CNC, a system still in the development phase. This system combines performance with ease of use. Its HMI ensures that both experienced and new operators can manage tasks on a single screen, streamlining the process. The CNC system also supports a range of machine kinematics and includes a programmable machine control (PMC) feature.

Some features of the FS500i-A, such as energy-saving functions, carbon neutrality, and digital twin technology, are already available in FANUC’s advanced FS30i/31i/32i-B Plus and standard FS0i-F Plus CNC solutions.

Automated Production Cell for Automotive Industry

The stand showcases a FANUC ROBOMACHINE display with a comprehensive production cell, which includes two ROBODRILL α-DiB Plus series machining centres and an M-20iD/25 robot for machine tending, among other components. This setup simulates the machining of a complex electric vehicle (EV) part in multiple axes.

Furthermore, the FANUC ROBODRILL αD28LiB5ADV Plus Y500 machining centre is introduced, featuring advanced functionalities such as a 28-station automatic tool change capability.

Other Displays and Demonstrations

The stand also displays the ROBODRILL α-DiB Plus series in various demonstrations, emphasizing its power in tasks such as milling, drilling, and skiving. In addition, there are showcases of the ROBOSHOT α-S50iB injection moulding machine and the ROBOCUT α-C600iC with aerospace applications.

A significant addition to the ROBOCUT α-CiC family, the FANUC ROBOCUT α-C800iC wire EDM, will make its world premiere at EMO. This machine is set to exhibit the wire cutting of a complex aerospace turbine part.

Robots Showcase

In a dedicated section, FANUC displays multiple robots of different sizes and capacities, illustrating their versatility for a range of tasks. New robots introduced at EMO include the CRX-25iA collaborative robot, the FANUC M-710iD/50M, and the CR-35iB collaborative robot.

FANUC introduces the new version of the ‘FIELD system’, an on-premise platform that facilitates data collection and analysis from connected machines and devices, ensuring compatibility with various products.

To support customer experience, FANUC also provides information on their service enhancements, including the FANUC Assisted Reality (FAR) remote support tool and other service offerings such as the FANUC Academy training courses and FANUC Care package.


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