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Fizyr and AWL Expand Partnership

by Pieter Werner

Fizyr, specializing in vision AI for robotic systems, has announced an expansion of its partnership with systems integrator AWL. This collaboration, spanning over three years, has focused on enhancing the performance of robotic cells and systems equipped with advanced vision capabilities.

According to Fizyr’s CEO Ken Fleming, the partnership has been instrumental in developing solutions adept at handling a range of variables, including item variations, materials, and lighting conditions. These solutions are now increasingly accessible due to a growing market demand.

Fizyr and AWL have jointly developed solutions targeting the expanding market for robotic picking, a sector projected by Interact Analysis to reach a value of $6.8 billion by 2030, up from $236 million in 2022. AWL’s solutions are tailored to address challenges in e-commerce order fulfillment and other sectors characterized by high variability. The need for automation is driven by factors such as staffing, scalability, and efficiency.

AWL, a systems integrator with a focus on the automotive, metalworking, and intra-logistics industries, has integrated Fizyr’s vision AI into several of its high-demand implementations. In collaboration with notable clients like DHL and Arvato, AWL’s robotic systems, equipped with Fizyr’s technology, have demonstrated the ability to handle 700 to 800 parcels per hour across different layouts and SKU combinations.

Among AWL’s recent developments are innovations that incorporate Fizyr’s robotic vision AI, such as ROSI and RODE. ROSI, a robotic singulator designed by AWL, aims to alleviate sortation bottlenecks commonly encountered in high-volume environments. Utilizing Fizyr’s technology, ROSI can determine the shape of each object, discern the appropriate picking method, and execute the task with minimal human intervention. It also features built-in label-reading capabilities for accurate sorting based on various criteria. RODE, another innovation from AWL, is a robotic depalletizer that employs Fizyr’s technology for efficient unstacking of packaged goods.


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