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Fox robots have unloaded over 2.5 million pallets

by Pieter Werner

Fox Robotics has announced that its FoxBot autonomous trailer loader/unloaders (ATL) have unloaded over 2.5 million pallets since their introduction in 2019. The company’s annual recurring revenue (ARR) nearly tripled from 2022 to 2023, and the number of installed FoxBot autonomous forklifts doubled in the past year.

Marin Tchakarov, CEO and President of Fox Robotics, stated that the FoxBot was developed to automate the warehouse gateway, specifically the shipping and receiving dock, thereby facilitating end-to-end fulfillment operations in logistics. The company’s recent growth indicates an increasing reliance on their autonomous solution by their customer base for logistics workflows.

The FoxBot autonomous forklift, showcased at Manifest in Las Vegas and at MODEX 2024 in Atlanta, is described as the world’s first Class 1 electric, stand-up autonomous forklift designed for load/unload operations at warehouse loading docks. It is classified as an autonomous mobile robot (AMR) and is designed to automate various operator tasks, aiming to improve safety, increase productivity, and enhance employee satisfaction in warehouse environments.

Notable features of the FoxBot autonomous forklift include the ability to operate without a driver, potentially reducing labor costs. It is reported that one warehouse associate can supervise up to six autonomous forklifts simultaneously. The forklift is also designed to improve safety by reducing the need for manual operation in potentially hazardous situations. It is capable of unloading trailers in approximately 45 minutes and aims to reduce product loss and damage. Its long battery life and speed are cited as contributing to increased uptime in warehouse operations.

The FoxBot utilizes machine learning and vision technology for automating the unloading of pallets from trailers. It is equipped with real-time vision, LiDAR perception, and other safety sensors to navigate and avoid obstacles on the warehouse floor. The forklift’s additional features include a capacity to unload over 60 double or 30 single-stacked 40×48 pallets per hour, 360-degree monitoring, redundant safety braking, an all-electric rechargeable battery system, and connectivity to cellular and Wi-Fi networks for integration into logistics workflows.

Peter Anderson-Sprecher, Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer of Fox Robotics, mentioned plans for the coming year to enhance the existing product line and introduce new autonomous solutions to further support productivity, efficiency, and safety in warehouse operations.

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