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Google Cloud Debuts Generative AI for Retailers

by Pieter Werner

Google Cloud has introduced a suite of new AI and generative AI-powered technologies for the retail sector. These technologies, unveiled ahead of NRF 2024, are designed to enhance online shopping experiences, modernize retail operations, and improve technology deployment in physical stores.

A key feature is the new conversational commerce solution, which leverages generative AI to enable retailers to quickly implement personalized chatbots on their websites and mobile applications. These virtual agents are capable of conducting nuanced conversations and offering tailored product suggestions based on various customer preferences. Additionally, the solution is designed for rapid deployment, promising to be operational in weeks rather than months.

Another advancement is the integration of large language model (LLM) capabilities in Vertex AI Search for retail. This product, aimed at enhancing the online search experience, allows retailers to fine-tune the search algorithm to their specific product catalog and customer search patterns, improving the relevance of product suggestions.

In terms of customer service, Google Cloud has introduced a modernization solution that integrates with existing CRM systems. This solution employs AI agents to assist with tasks such as product recommendations, appointment scheduling, and order status checks. It also includes features for language translation and employee productivity, such as AI-powered summarizations of customer interactions and a unified interface for accessing internal information.

For catalog management, Google Cloud’s catalog and content enrichment solution aims to streamline the product cataloging process. This involves using AI to analyze product images and text and then generate comprehensive content, including product descriptions and SEO-optimized language.

Lastly, the Google Distributed Cloud Edge is a new hardware and software offering tailored for retailers. It addresses the need for low-latency operations and data security in brick-and-mortar locations, enabling retailers to run software and new AI and machine learning capabilities with limited internet connectivity. This scalable technology allows for the deployment of advanced applications, like AI-powered checkout systems, and is fully managed by Google Cloud, allowing retailers to focus on customer service.

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