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GrayMatter Robotics raises additional $45 million

by Pieter Werner

GrayMatter Robotics, a company specializing in AI-powered robotics for the manufacturing sector, has secured $45 million in Series B funding led by Wellington Management, with participation from investors such as NGP Capital, Euclidean Capital, and B Capital. This funding round brings the total amount raised by GrayMatter to $70.4 million.

The U.S. manufacturing industry, valued at over $2.5 trillion, faces significant challenges due to a labor shortage, with 3.8 million jobs unfilled and nearly half of manufacturers’ orders pending. GrayMatter’s robotics solutions are designed to address these issues by enhancing productivity, consistency, and cost-efficiency in manufacturing processes. Their systems autonomously perform tasks such as sanding, polishing, grinding, and coating, which are typically labor-intensive and hazardous.

Founded in 2020 by SK Gupta, Ariyan Kabir, and Brual Shah, GrayMatter aims to improve shop-floor workers’ quality of life while meeting global manufacturing demands. CEO Ariyan Kabir highlighted the company’s mission to boost productivity while ensuring workforce well-being through their AI-driven systems.

With the new investment, GrayMatter plans to expand its Los Angeles headquarters, increase hiring, and accelerate the development and deployment of its next-generation robotics solutions. Their proprietary GMR-AI™ technology enables robots to self-program and adapt to diverse manufacturing environments, enhancing productivity and reducing cycle times. The company’s robots have processed over 7.5 million square feet of product surface area and hold ten patents.

Industry leaders have expressed strong support for GrayMatter’s innovations. Sean Petersen of Wellington Management emphasized the company’s role in transforming manufacturing with advanced AI solutions, enhancing efficiency, and managing costs. Drew Dixon of Riddell noted how GrayMatter’s technology helps address workforce challenges while ensuring consistent quality and throughput.

GrayMatter’s robotic solutions, which operate 2-4 times faster than manual labor, also contribute to sustainability by reducing consumable waste by over 30% and decreasing energy consumption. Their systems maintain high availability, with most contingencies resolved within five minutes, ensuring near-continuous operations.

GrayMatter Robotics provides turnkey solutions in a Robot-as-a-Service format, serving various industries, including aerospace, defense, specialty vehicles, maritime, metal fabrication, and consumer products. The company’s solutions help manufacturers improve productivity, enhance production capacity, and reduce costs related to scrap, repair, and rework.

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