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Hookle claims AI functionality in 50 languages

by Pieter Werner

Helsinki-based company Hookle, specializing in social media technology, has recently updated its AI-powered tool, Hookle AIDE, to support more than 50 languages. This enhancement aims to assist small businesses in their social media marketing efforts by enabling them to communicate with a global audience. The tool, designed to democratize social media marketing for smaller companies, now allows users to generate content in various languages, enhancing communication authenticity and relevance.

Tero Seppala, CEO of Hookle, has highlighted the significance of this development, emphasizing its potential to empower small businesses by enabling more personalized and authentic communication with customers worldwide. According to Seppala, the tool’s ability to adapt to the user’s personality and preferences is a key feature, indicating a shift towards AI-generated content that maintains a human-like quality.

Hookle AIDE offers multiple features beyond multilingual post generation. These include personalized content suggestions, scheduling functionalities, and comprehensive social media analytics, all integrated into a single platform. The application is available on iOS and Android devices, making it accessible to a broad user base.

The company’s focus is on continuing to innovate in the field of social media marketing, especially for small businesses. With the aim of providing smart, efficient, and accessible social media management tools, Hookle plans to introduce new features to keep pace with the evolving dynamics of social media marketing. This initiative is part of Hookle’s broader mission to provide equal opportunities for small businesses in the digital marketplace.

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