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Huntington Park Police extends robocop-contract

by Marco van der Hoeven

The City of Huntington Park will extend its existing contract with Knightscope for their robot cop to continue patrolling a popular park in Los Angeles County. By a unanimous 5 to 0 vote, the City Council of Huntington Park approved the renewal of the Knightscope Autonomous Security Robot contract for an additional two-year term. 

Huntington Park previously reported a significant positive impact on crime as previously shared on Knightscope’s Crime Page, which contributed to the support for renewal. “The K5 robot is having a positive impact on crime and nuisance activity at Salt Lake Park, which is reducing the instances of police activity at the park,” both the city manager, Ricardo Reyes, and the chief of police, Cosme Lozano, wrote to local lawmakers last year.

Chief Lozano stated at the July 6, 2021, Council meeting, “the reality is that a patrol officer cannot do what modern technology can do through the use of this robot. The robot technology is simply to enhance our ability to deliver police service to the community.”

Reduce crime

Knightscope chairman and CEO, William Santana Li replied, “We are incredibly grateful that Chief Lozano and the City of Huntington Park found Knightscope to be a compelling solution to reduce crime and serve the community. We hope that the other 19,000+ police departments across the country will also take advantage of the benefits our technologies provide to help us achieve our long-term vision of making the United States the safest country on the planet.”

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