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IBM Dominates AI Patent List

by Pieter Werner

American computer and phone manufacturing companies hold a substantial portion of the United States’ intellectual property rights (IPR) in Artificial Intelligence (AI), according to data from Stocklytics.com. These firms hold 30,028 out of the 52,841 patents granted to date, accounting for over 56% of AI-related patents.

Stocklytics’ investment expert Edith Reads attributes this high concentration of IPR acquisitions in the telecoms sector to the increasing adoption of technology. Reads stated that advancements in technology have deeply integrated it into daily life, leading to the development of numerous technological gadgets and solutions that necessitate IPR protection.

Additionally, Stocklytics’ report highlights that International Business Machines Corporation (IBM) leads globally in AI IPR licenses, holding 4,586 patents. IBM’s U.S. division is a major contributor with 3,364 licenses, significantly ahead of Alphabet US, which holds 1,858 patents. Other prominent American companies on the list include Microsoft with 1,747 patents, Amazon, Intel, and Adobe Systems. Globally, the top 10 AI patent holders also include NEC Japan and NEC Corporation, with 897 and 879 patents, respectively.

The growing investment in AI by computer and phone manufacturers is seen as a response to the anticipated expansion of the American AI market, which Statista research projects will exceed $220 billion by 2030. The growth is expected to be driven by consumer-facing applications and business operations. The healthcare industry is identified as a key adopter of AI technology, particularly for disease detection and personalized treatments. Similarly, the customer support sector is increasingly utilizing virtual assistants and chatbots.

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