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Immervision and Hanson Robotics announce robot JOYCE with ‘human-like vision’

by Pieter Werner

Hanson Robotics, the creator of  the much-hyped robot Sophia will work with Immervision’s JOYCE to further evolve machine perception to help deliver human-like vision.

Hanson Robotics will use its expertise gleaned from Sophia to create a state-of-the-art humanoid body for JOYCE. This body will be equipped with a visual cortex based on Immervision’s panomorphEYE, which boasts three ultra-wide-angle panomorph cameras. Sophia will also be upgraded with the same visual cortex.

Development kit

Immervision is actively seeking additional members from to join the JOYCE partnership. To facilitate this collaboration, Immervision will be making a development kit available to developers, universities, and technology companies. This kit will allow partners in the JOYCE program to add additional sensors, software, and AI algorithms to enhance JOYCE’s perception and understanding of her environment to solve computer vision challenges.

Equipping machines with human-level perception, especially vision, will have a massive economic impact across a wide range of industries. Immervision encourages the computer vision community to become collaborators in the JOYCE partnership, to use their technologies to upgrade JOYCE.

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