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Immervision partners with Modalai for drone vision solution

by Pieter Werner

Immervision and ModalAI announce collaboration to create a drone vision solution incorporating the Immervision Imvisio-ML and ModalAI VOXL 2 platform. This collaboration will lead to an advanced ‘ready-to-fly’ vision system for drone manufacturers.

This solution incorporates the Immervision Imviso-ML and the VOXL 2 platform to provide the full image pipeline, from the optics to the hardware platform running the autonomous navigation software. Thanks to its 190 degrees Field of View and its low-light capability, the solution increases the perception and improves the performance of machine vision applications, running on its Qualcomm QRB5165 processor. The VOXL 2 computing platform, combined with the Imvisio-ML camera module, enhances mission critical navigation beyond visual line-of-sight to support safer, more reliable flight.

“ModalAI is excited to strengthen our partnership with Immervision. The VOXL 2 drone autopilot offers superior computing capability for the UAS industry. Coupled with Immervision’s camera module, VOXL 2 can enable smaller drones to unlock autonomous perception and navigation in low-light environments,” stated Chad Sweet, CEO and co-founder of ModalAI, Inc.

“As we see more demand for autonomous navigation for drones, it became necessary to extend the drones operating range from bright daylight to challenging low-light conditions,” explains Jean-Sébastien Landry, Director, Product Management, Immervision. “Working with the VOXL 2 platform, this complete solution offers optimal performance for GPS-denied navigation, location, mapping and obstacle avoidance in all lighting and environmental conditions,”

Both companies are part of the Defense Innovation Unit (DIU) Blue UAS Framework, which accelerates commercial technology with the aim of providing trusted, advanced capabilities to UAV drone users.


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