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Innodisk announces AI Strategy

by Pieter Werner

Innodisk, provider of industrial storage, has officially announced a new development strategy focusing on the AI market, and also launched the “Innodisk AI” Solution at a press conference in Taipei, Taiwan. Innodisk has amassed more than 1,000 cases worldwide since the business expand to AIoT in 2017. In the coming years Innodisk will continue to extend its ecosystem alliance, and expand its focus on AI development with subsidiaries, as well as its partners Intel, NVIDIA, Microsoft and ASUS IoT.

According to market research, the global AI market is anticipated to reach US$500 billion by 2023, and the demand for AI computing power is anticipated to increase by ten times before 2025. As AI gradually develops into a crucial infrastructure for growth and decision-making, it will become a major focus of future global technology development.

Innodisk is now aggressively expanding into the Edge AI market with three core strengths: absolute integration, application insight, and AI empowerment. These strengths will act as the core foundations to push Innodisk forward in the AI field.

Absolute Integration

At the press conference, Innodisk proposed a comprehensive artificial intelligence architecture, combining the data flow from cloud to edge, and integrating software and hardware technologies with heterogeneous platforms to drive industry intelligence innovation.

Application Insight
In recent years, Innodisk has spearheaded over 1,000 smart application projects. The company’s in-depth understanding of global industry trends and end-user application needs is its greatest advantage in facing market challenges.

Johnny Wu, Director of Innodisk’s Intelligent Peripheral Application division pointed out that “All AI development derives from the application requirements of the end user. When the application calls for it, it is necessary to collect, store and utilize high-speed and efficient data. Doing so lays out an important foundation for artificial intelligence. Ultimately, the road to further analysing and deducing huge amounts of data to achieve truly intelligent AI applications depends on the support of computing technology.”

AI Empowerment

The foundation of Innodisk’s technologies has always been data. In order to provide a comprehensive technical framework in data collection, transmission, computing, storage, and learning, the company is continuously empowering products with AI. The business has continued to introduce ground-breaking products like InnoAGE, InnoOSR, and InnoBTS.

Now, Innodisk has further formed alliances with international manufacturers such as ASUS IoT, Microsoft, Intel, and NVIDIA to expand technical collaboration, integrate various heterogeneous platforms and AI computing technologies, and create a new Innodisk AI Solution. With innovative AI architecture, integrated remote management, support from third-party software vendors (ISVs), OS operating platforms and Innodisk’s software and hardware solutions, customers are able to integrate AI solutions quickly and effectively.

Innodisk Chairman Randy Chien said “Innodisk AI not only provides more possibilities for future AI applications, but also accelerates the implementation of intelligent applications in vertical markets. We will actively create AI solutions for applications such as smart city, smart retail, industrial intelligent automation and smart medical.”

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