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‘JUPITER Will Be The Most Powerful AI Computer’

by Marco van der Hoeven

Eviden, a division of Atos specialized in advanced computing, has been awarded a contract by the Jülich Supercomputing Centre in Germany to construct a modular data center for the EuroHPC JUPITER supercomputer, which is Europe’s first exascale system. This follows the announcement in October 2023 of Eviden leading the consortium responsible for manufacturing the JUPITER system.

The modular data center, spanning over 2,300m², will consist of approximately 50 pre-built and interchangeable modules, including 20 IT containers, 15 power feed containers, and 10 logistic containers. This design offers a more flexible and agile solution compared to traditional data centers. The modular approach allows for easier updates or replacements of individual modules without affecting the rest of the system. It reduces the time and complexity typically associated with upgrading data centers for new technologies.

Eviden’s approach to this project is expected to cut costs by a factor of three and reduce delivery time by 50% compared to conventional data centers. The JUPITER HPC racks, produced in Eviden’s factory in Angers, France, will be integrated into the containers with cooling, power, networking, and cabling before delivery to the client. This integration is aimed at expediting the installation process and minimizing the risk of faults once installed at the customer’s site.

Energy efficiency

Energy efficiency is a crucial aspect of the project. The modular data center aims to reduce energy consumption, improve material recycling, and enhance overall energy efficiency. Eviden’s free cooling technology, integrated with the supercomputer’s direct liquid cooling system, allows for the reuse of heat generated by the Exascale system within the Jülich Research Center.

Prof. Dr. Thomas Lippert, Director of the Jülich Supercomputing Centre, emphasized the significance of the JUPITER project, stating that its modular architecture allows for high energy efficiency and meets the energy supply demands that other scientific data centers in Germany have not yet been able to fulfill. The modular data center’s design will enable quick establishment of a supply infrastructure capable of utilizing the thermal energy generated during cooling for heating the Jülich campus.

Emmanuel Le Roux, SVP, Global Head of HPC, AI, and Quantum at Eviden, expressed pride in the new contract, viewing it as beneficial for Europe’s scientific and economic sovereignty and competitiveness. He highlighted Eviden’s role as a trusted partner in Europe’s exascale journey and its commitment to delivering innovative technological performance with reduced energy consumption.

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