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KUKA introduces KMP 600-S with speeds up to 2 m/s

by Pieter Werner

KUKA has launched the KMP 600-S diffDrive, a new generation of mobile robots that expands their range of logistics solutions with speeds of up to 2 meters per second. The KMP 600-S diffDrive has a load capacity of up to 600 kg, which is sufficient to meet most logistics needs in various sectors, such as the consumer goods industry. The robot is equipped with protection degree IP54 as standard, making it resistant to dust and splashes.

The robot can be equipped with a 3D object detection system that can recognize obstacles up to 2.10 meters in height and has a system that can lift pallets up to 60 mm from the ground. An advantage of the AGV robots is their ability to work safely in collaborative environments. The robot is equipped with laser scanners that can reliably monitor the environment, including moving people and equipment.

The robot’s battery allows 8 hours of continuous work and requires 2 hours to fully charge when the KUKA.NavigationSolution software indicates this. The robot has a SLAM navigation system and the fleet of factory robots is connected to a WLAN network. Applications are programmed with JAVA and the robot can be controlled manually with a controller.

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