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LimX Dynamics Shows Dynamic Testing of Humanoid Robot CL-1

by Pieter Werner

LimX Dynamics recently presented a test of its humanoid robot, known as CL-1, showcasing its ability to navigate complex environments. The demonstration highlighted the robot’s integration of real-time perception, gait planning, locomotion control, and its hardware and data stream systems. CL-1 performed tasks such as stair climbing, walking down slopes, and moving indoors and outdoors under various conditions.

During the demonstration, CL-1, utilizing its Perceptive Control feature, adjusted its motion proactively to take smooth steps onto a curb, ascend stairs dynamically, and walk down a 15-degree slope. These tests, conducted from afternoon to dusk, showcased the robot’s stable and consistent performance in different lighting and environmental conditions.

LimX Dynamics has positioned CL-1 as one of the few humanoid robots globally that can achieve dynamic stair climbing based on real-time terrain perception. This capability is attributed to the company’s advanced motion control and AI algorithms, as well as its proprietary high-performing actuators and hardware system. LimX Dynamics envisions the deployment of its humanoid robots in both B2B and B2C applications, targeting areas like hazardous environments, high-end services, automobile manufacturing, and in-home services.

A significant feature of CL-1 is its real-time environmental perception, a core technology in humanoid robotics. LimX Dynamics has integrated advanced perception algorithms into CL-1, achieving full-loop integration of perception, control, and hardware. This integration allows the robot to navigate terrains interactively and in real-time. LimX Dynamics is notably the first team in China to apply Perceptive Control in humanoid robots, enabling dynamic stair climbing and slope descending.

In terms of hardware, LimX Dynamics focuses on addressing complex challenges in robotics, especially in legged robots. The company’s self-developed high-performing actuators provide impact resistance and precise, rapid torque control. Moreover, the design considers cost and efficiency optimization for humanoid robot production and manufacturing, essential for the General Mobile Manipulation Platform’s development.

LimX Dynamics also emphasizes the importance of General AI Algorithms in enhancing the generalization capabilities of humanoid robots. The company’s approach is human-centered, aiming for robots to navigate and perform tasks in human environments. The core set of algorithms developed by LimX Dynamics is designed for versatility across various functions and scenarios.

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