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Microsoft partners with Sanctuary AI

by Pieter Werner

Sanctuary AI has announced a partnership with Microsoft to further their development of AI models for humanoid  robots. The collaboration focuses on utilizing Microsoft’s Azure cloud infrastructure to enhance AI research and application in Sanctuary AI’s robot, Phoenix. This partnership is part of Sanctuary AI’s broader initiative to develop “Large Behavior Models” (LBMs), which aim to enable robots to learn from real-world experiences, thus bridging the gap between AI and physical tasks.

Geordie Rose, CEO and Co-founder of Sanctuary AI, emphasized the significance of this collaboration in tackling one of the most profound technical challenges of our era—developing systems that mimic human cognition and understanding. The company plans to leverage Microsoft’s computational resources to advance their AI capabilities, particularly in areas such as reasoning, planning, and human-agent collaboration. Ashley Llorens, Corporate Vice President and Managing Director at Microsoft Research, highlighted the opportunity to accelerate AI model innovation and embodied AI research through this partnership.

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