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Mixed feelings about AI in voice-overs

by Pieter Werner

Voice-over marketplace Voices has released the AI in the Creative Industry Report, which explores the sentiments of creatives towards new developments in generative AI. The report reveals that while creatives are excited to see new tools emerge, they are equally concerned about making sure things are done the right way.

The report compiles findings from hundreds of creatives, including video producers, content creators, and social media managers. Over forty percent of surveyed creatives believe significant elements of their job can be taken over by AI, and 85% believe AI-generated content will reach a point where it is indistinguishable from human-made content. Despite this, two-thirds of creatives believe AI developments will create new job opportunities in their industry.

However, the optimism and curiosity are accompanied by concerns over ethics. Over eighty percent of respondents said content creators should be credited for content of theirs that was used to train an AI model.

Other key learnings from the report include creatives anticipate changes to their workflow, with over 40% believing significant elements of their job can be taken over by AI, and over four-fifths believe that within five years, AI will change core functions of their job. Despite anticipated disruptions, creatives are eager to experiment and learn, with over three-quarters believing that content created by generative AI can enhance human creativity.

For voice-over, a human touch is still preferred, with almost 60% of creatives stating that they have not yet used an AI voice yet, and just over one-third saying that AI voices were still too robotic. For voice-over, speed of access is the top reason for using AI, with nearly half of those who used an AI voice or text-to-speech service to create a voice-over recording saying it was because they needed a voice they could instantly download.

The report highlights that innovation and evolution in technology are positive attributes, but caution is needed to ensure that all parties involved in developing and using generative AI are protected so that they can continue to explore this space safely and beneficially.

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