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Modex: DAC Robotics Selects OSARO Robot for Warehouse

by Pieter Werner

DAC Robotics is collaborating with OSARO to launch a new warehouse replenishment system. This system integrates OSARO’s Robotic Depalletization System with DAC’s automatic box opening ABOT and automated decant robot, targeting enhancements in warehouse intralogistics automation.

This solution addresses a gap in warehouse operations. Traditional processes in the early stages of the warehouse workflow, such as unstacking, sorting, scanning, opening, and transferring contents from larger boxes to standard totes, typically involve manual labor. DAC Robotics aims to automate these processes with a depalletizing system that can handle diverse box sizes and shapes, transferring each box to an automated box-opening robot before decanting.

The OSARO Robotic Depalletization System is equipped with the SightWorks Perception Software, enabling it to handle the variety in size and material of packages on mixed-case pallets often found in warehouse environments. This system is designed to improve the efficiency of handling mixed-case pallets for both replenishment and reverse logistics.

The system being showcased at MODEX includes a DAC Robotics depalletizing system powered by OSARO SightWorks Perception, capable of efficiently handling mixed-case pallets. It also features the DAC Robotics ABOT for precise box opening across a wide range of sizes and types, and a DAC Robotics Precision Decanting system that offers various solutions for handling different materials, from delicate items to designs allowing operator interaction for repackaging and consolidation.

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