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Modex: Zebra announces new warehouse technology

by Pieter Werner

At Modex Zebra Technologies has announced the introduction of new enterprise mobile computing and intelligent automation solutions. Zebra Technologies presented updates to its Fetch100 autonomous mobile robots (AMR) at MODEX. This includes the new Fetch100 Roller Guide Autonomous Mobile Robot, which integrates worker-robot interaction and conveyor delivery, aiming to increase productivity through autonomous handling of totes and bins.

The company’s introduction of these technologies comes at a time when industries such as manufacturing, warehousing, retail, and transportation and logistics face challenges including demands for resilient supply chains, labor shortages, and economic uncertainty. According to Zebra Technologies’ 2023 Global Warehouse Study, 89% of decision-makers in these industries recognize the importance of investing in technology to meet their business objectives.

Andre Luecht, Global Strategy Lead for Transportation, Logistics, and Warehousing at Zebra Technologies, remarked on the increased complexity in supply chain management due to consumer expectations and the necessity for rapid deliveries. He noted Zebra’s focus on assisting businesses to adapt through technology and automation to improve accuracy, visibility, and efficiency.

Zebra’s study also indicates that a majority of decision-makers and frontline workers believe enhanced technology and automation are key to achieving productivity goals. Worker comfort and ergonomics were identified as important workforce initiatives.

At MODEX 2024, Zebra Technologies will unveil the RS2100 wearable scanner, claimed to be the industry’s smallest back-of-hand scanner, designed to increase productivity while offering comfort. The company will also introduce the WT6400 and WT5400 wearable computers, tailored to facilitate hands-free workflows and enhance comfort for tasks such as order picking, item sorting, and inventory management.

Additionally, the TC53e/TC58e/TC53e-RFID mobile computers will be introduced as part of the TC5X series. These devices are equipped with features such as 5G, Wi-Fi 6E, integrated RFID, and premium security features, and are constructed with 25% post-consumer recycled plastic.

Art Miller, Vice President of Business Development & Global Head of Retail IoT at Qualcomm Technologies, Inc., expressed positive sentiments about collaborating with Zebra Technologies. This collaboration focuses on providing front-line workers with advanced computing capabilities for improved efficiency and productivity.

Furthermore, Zebra Technologies will showcase the MC9400 series, a rugged mobile computer designed to enhance workflow efficiency and device security across several industries.

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