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MWC: autonomous vehicles at Tianjin Port

by Pieter Werner

Huawei’s Smart Road, Waterway, and Port BU showcased its latest Smart Road and Smart Port solutions at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2023. 5G solutions were commercially deployed and have been operating for over a year at Tianjin Port. In fact, the 5G+ Smart Port Project won the Best Mobile Innovation for Connected Economy from GSMA at MWC 2022.

Huawei’s Smart Horizontal Transportation Solution is one of the company’s key solutions for smart ports. The Tianjin Port Second Container Terminal has used the solution to build a smart port powered by 5G and L4 autonomous driving. Here, 76 IGVs have been routinely operating autonomously for over a year, relieving shortages in drivers and increasing the port’s efficiency.

York Yue, CTO of Smart Road, Waterway, and Port BU, explained that smart horizontal transportation using 5G networks and IGVs is ideal for container terminals. Section C of the Beijiang Port Area, Tianjin Port is the first terminal to deploy Huawei’s Smart Horizontal Transportation Solution, which has achieved large-scale, commercial, and regular operations. The use of 5G and L4 autonomous driving is enabling both business and social value.

This marks progress for the entire port industry. Huawei hopes that Tianjin Port’s experience can be used as a reference for industry development and inspire innovative ideas.

The BU also exhibited its four solutions for smart roads at the MWC 2023: Multi-Dimensional Highway Awareness, All-Optical Intersection, Roadway Networking, and Intelligent Traffic System.


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