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MWC: SKT wants ‘AI to Everywhere’

by Marco van der Hoeven

SK Telecom held a press conference in Barcelona, Spain, to unveil its plans to achieve ‘AI to Everywhere’ in five different areas, namely Customer & Technology, Time & Space, AI Transformation(AIX) for Industries, Core Business Model, and ESG.

CEO Ryu said that SKT’s AI service ‘A.’ has successfully settled in the Korean market by securing 1 million subscribers within just 9 months of its launch, and unveiled plans to further upgrade the service to not only shape it into the leading AI service in Korea, but also to develop opportunities in the global market.

Through acquisition of sufficient knowledge data and machine learning, SKT is currently developing A. features that will enable users to engage in dialogues as well as emotional conversations that make users feel as if they are talking to their friends. It also plans to keep linking more and more features to A. for a more intuitive user experience – i.e. by removing the need to move between apps or conduct cumbersome searches.

The company plans to expand the variety and scope of A. features/services from 30 to 100, and is currently promoting partnerships with popular character companies. CEO Ryu stated that the new features, including advanced conversations, multiple characters, and customized content, will be included in the updated version of A. to be released within this quarter.

He also shared his ambitions to advance into the global market with A. by customizing the service to each different market and advancing related technologies in cooperation with global telcos and AI tech companies.

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