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New AI-powered swarm robots for mining

by Pieter Werner

OffWorld, provider of AI-powered industrial Swarm Robotic Mining systems, has started selling a new line of robot species, built for surveying environments (on the surface and deep underground), performing precision excavation, and collecting, hauling, and processing material. The company aims for swarm robotics in mining to improve customer productivity and cost efficiency.

The robots work in squads and can produce from hundreds of tons to well over one million tons of ore annually in a single mining operation allowing for previously unattainable versatility in new mine operations within months instead of years. They are rugged, autonomous, and can work around the clock. Their software architecture leverages machine learning allowing them to work with and eventually learn from human experts. The application of these fully electric robotic mining swarms will leave a zero-mining carbon footprint behind, replacing the use of explosives with precision mining.

OffWorld is ISO 9001 certified and has developed IP including directed beam energy technology for weakening and preconditioning material before extraction. The company has already secured multi-year contracts with mining companies around the world, and will also be adapting the multi-species robots to provide solutions across other industries including construction, infrastructure, utilities, and space.

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