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New Salesforce dataplatform feeds AI-predictions

by Marco van der Hoeven

Einstein, the AI-engine of Salesforce, already provides 175 predictions on customers every day. With Genie, the dataplatform that was announced this week at Dreamforce, these predictions will be based on hyperscale real-time data to enable more dynamic and responsive actions.

This week Salesforce unveiled Salesforce Genie, a hyperscale real-time data platform that powers the entire Salesforce Customer 360 platform. Genie is designed to give companies personalized experiences across sales, service, marketing, and commerce that continuously adapt to changing customer information and needs in real time.

Today, 71% of customers expect every interaction with a business to be personalized. However, data remains siloed and duplicative across most companies. Companies on average have 976 separate applications to run their business — that’s potentially 976 versions of a single customer, leading to disconnected digital experiences. 

Responding to customer needs in real time is more critical than ever, but is becoming more challenging as the amount of data created, captured, replicated, and consumed each year is expected to more than double by 2026. Companies must seamlessly connect digital and real-world customer interactions in order to provide the most relevant, personalized, and compelling experiences, in every moment.

A sales rep can no longer rely on in-person communication to close a large deal — reps need real-time insights about every customer, based on real-time and historical data, to act on the most relevant information in the moment, every time. A service agent runs the risk of losing a valuable customer if they lack a complete, real-time view across every touchpoint — every agent needs a source of real-time customer truth. With real-time patient data, healthcare providers can deliver proactive guidance and care recommendations.

As the heart of real-time Customer 360, Salesforce Genie ingests and stores real-time data streams at massive scale and combines it with Salesforce transactional data. Genie includes built-in connectors that bring in data from every channel (mobile, web, APIs), legacy data through MuleSoft, and historical data from proprietary data lakes.

With Genie, Einstein AI and Flow automation services can harness the power of hyperscale real-time data to enable more dynamic and responsive actions and engagement. Einstein, which generates over 175 billion predictions every day, can now deliver personalization and predictions based on real-time data. Flow automation, which saves customers over 100 billion hours every month, can now use real-time data to trigger actions automatically.

Partnerships expand Genie with data, AI, and advertising innovation:

Secure real-time and open data sharing between Salesforce and Snowflake allows Genie to directly access data stored in Snowflake, and vice-versa, enabling a real-time customer 360 view across the two platforms without moving or duplicating data.

‘Bring your own AI’ with Amazon SageMaker enables organizations and their data scientists to use SageMaker, Amazon’s cloud machine learning platform, directly with Einstein, Salesforce’s AI technology, to build new AI models tailored to the unique needs of their business, and use them in real time across the Customer 360.

First-party advertising with partners such as Amazon Ads or Meta enable new privacy-safe integrations for advertising activation and aggregated insights — powered by unified first-party data from Salesforce CDP — for more personalized and efficient marketing at scale.


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