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Oracle and NVIDIA Partner on AI

by Pieter Werner

Oracle and NVIDIA announced a multi-year partnership on AI. The collaboration aims to bring the full NVIDIA accelerated computing stack — from GPUs to systems to software — to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI).

OCI is adding tens of thousands more NVIDIA GPUs, including the A100 and upcoming H100, to its capacity. Combined with OCI’s AI cloud infrastructure of bare metal, cluster networking, and storage, this provides enterprises a portfolio of options for AI training and deep learning inference at scale.

“To drive long-term success in today’s business environment, organizations need answers and insight faster than ever,” said Safra Catz, CEO, Oracle. “Our expanded alliance with NVIDIA will deliver the best of both companies’ expertise to help customers across industries — from healthcare and manufacturing to telecommunications and financial services — overcome the multitude of challenges they face.”

“Accelerated computing and AI are key to tackling rising costs in every aspect of operating businesses,” said Jensen Huang, CEO and founder, NVIDIA. “Enterprises are increasingly turning to cloud-first AI strategies that enable fast development and scalable deployment. Our partnership with Oracle will put NVIDIA AI within easy reach for thousands of companies.”


NVIDIA and Oracle have been serving enterprises together for years with accelerated computing instances and software available via OCI. With the full NVIDIA AI platform available on OCI instances, the extended partnership is designed to accelerate AI-powered innovation for a broad range of industries to better serve customers and support sales.

NVIDIA AI Enterprise, the globally adopted software of the NVIDIA AI platform, includes essential processing engines for each step of the AI workflow, from data processing and AI model training to simulation and large-scale deployment. NVIDIA AI enables organizations to develop predictive models to automate business processes and gain rapid business insights with applications such as conversational AI, recommender systems, computer vision and more. The parties plan to make an upcoming release of NVIDIA AI Enterprise available on OCI, providing customers with easy access to NVIDIA’s accelerated, secure and scalable platform for end-to-end AI development and deployment.

Additionally, Oracle is now offering early access to NVIDIA RAPIDS acceleration for Apache Spark data processing on the OCI Data Flow fully managed Apache Spark service. Data processing is one of the top cloud computing workloads. To support this demand, OCI Data Science plans to offer support for OCI bare-metal shapes, including BM.GPU.GM4.8 with NVIDIA A100 Tensor Core GPUs, across managed notebook sessions, jobs and model deployment.


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