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OSARO and FANUC America Collaborate on Robotics for E-commerce

by Marco van der Hoeven

OSARO has announced a partnership with FANUC America. Their joint endeavor aims to enhance FANUC’s robotic automation solutions geared towards warehousing and e-commerce fulfillment. Initial steps in the collaboration will feature the installation of an advanced piece-picking demonstration robot at FANUC’s Innovation Center in Rochester Hills, Michigan.

E-commerce has witnessed substantial growth, pushing many organizations in the retail and logistics sectors to consider automated robotic solutions for pick-and-place operations. OSARO’s SightWorks™ vision software allows robots to recognize, grasp, and undertake tasks that were primarily human-exclusive within the e-commerce fulfillment process. This software also employs machine-learning technology to distinguish and pick up various objects.

Derik Pridmore, OSARO’s CEO, explained that their SightWorks vision software forms the core of their warehouse solutions and is offered to their strategic partners. This includes FANUC’s ASI network of robot integrators, equipping them to create bespoke applications and control technologies. He said, “By teaming up on engineering and business development, FANUC and OSARO hope to provide top-tier robotic automation solutions throughout e-commerce fulfillment centers.”

James Cooper, who manages FANUC’s Authorized System Integrators, Certified Education, and Regional Offices, reiterated the pivotal role of e-commerce growth in the rising uptake of robotics and automation. He expressed enthusiasm about their collaboration with OSARO, emphasizing the potential benefits for warehousing operations.

Moreover, several of FANUC’s authorized system integrators have become part of OSARO’s partner program, granting businesses streamlined access to robotic solutions for their fulfillment needs. This alliance promotes teamwork among AMR and ASRS vendors, integrators, distributors, third-party logistics firms, and consultants, streamlining the client purchasing and deployment experience.

Businesses adopting systems that blend OSARO and FANUC’s expertise stand to benefit from enhanced throughput, decreased reliance on labor, expedited order processing, better shipment accuracy, improved return on investment, adaptability to evolving requirements, and efficient floor space utilization.

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