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Over Half of UK IT Professionals Fear Job Loss to AI, Study Reveals

by Marco van der Hoeven

A recent market study titled “How the STEM World Evolves,” conducted by Computer Futures’ parent company, SThree, unveils a pressing concern: 52% of UK IT and Technology professionals are fearful of potential job loss due to the advancements in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and automation. This discovery spotlights the rising unease within the tech community, emphasizing the importance of comprehending AI and automation’s profound impact on employment dynamics.

AI, although a steadfast proponent of tech progression over the years, has witnessed a conspicuous surge in its ubiquity over the last six months, signifying the dawn of a new epoch in the global workforce.

SThree’s CEO, Timo Lehne, commented on the findings, “AI and automation are stirring a mix of exhilaration and trepidation concerning their implications on the international job landscape. With the oscillating public sentiment between embrace and concern, comprehending and addressing these apprehensions becomes paramount as we tread into an AI-dominant era.”

While AI-induced concerns loom large, the survey also underscores the evolving preferences of the UK’s IT workforce. A striking 80% of professionals emphasize the significance of remote working provisions in their subsequent roles. Adding another dimension to the work paradigm, a substantial 83% voiced the importance of flexible work hours in their next job, underscoring the growing demand for work-life balance.

Furthermore, the survey delineates the weightage of pay transparency. A dominant 83% of the UK’s IT and Tech community expressed that understanding their compensation framework before job application and receiving fair pay is of paramount importance. Job security remains a cornerstone, with a significant 87% of respondents ranking it as a top priority.

Purpose-driven roles are gaining traction among UK’s tech professionals. The study highlighted that 82% of the respondents deem personal purpose as a pivotal aspect of their job. Concurrently, a substantial 77% value their prospective employer’s mission and values, indicating a shift towards holistic job evaluation.

In light of these revelations, industry stakeholders and policymakers are urged to address the apprehensions surrounding AI, whilst simultaneously acknowledging and adapting to the ever-evolving preferences of the modern IT professional. The confluence of technological advancements and human aspirations beckons a new era in the global workforce landscape.

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